Smelling Like Sheep-Bishop Manseau Presents Near London

Bishop William Manseau presented a paper on the history and future of married priests in the Catholic Church.  The conference was celebrating the 175th anniversary of the TABLET. The presentation and materials distributed are below.


Bishop Joseph Catrambone Visits Guatemala Winter 2015

Bishop Manseau Urges New Ecumenical Energy

Dr Manseau

On January 25, 2015 Bishop William Manseau urged participants of the week of prayer for Christian Unity in Nashua, New Hampshire to study the 2013  Faith and Order Commission (World Council of Churches) document The Church Towards A Common Vision (Click here to download the document)  He explained its origin and urged a joint study as the source of new ecumenical enegy.

Speaking at Christ the King Lutheran Church, he said: “I would like to propose that the varied Non-denominational Christian, independent Protestant, Evangelical, Salvation Army, Christian Science, Latter Day Saints, Baptist, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Methodist, Anglican, Lutheran, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christian churches of Greater Nashua enter upon a joint study of “The Church, Towards a Common Vision” in a disciplined way and offer the fruit of such study to the New Hampshire Council of Churches which includes the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester. We are after all the Gate City of New Hampshire, why not be the gate through which a new ecumenical energy can flow through New Hampshire and beyond.”

.Click here to get a copy of the entire talk.


For more resources, see Christ House Ecumenical Center and Links for Christian Reunion (Click here)


St. Anthony’s Kids -Vijayawda India Christmas Celebration


December 24, 2014 St. Anthony’s Kids had their semi-annual celebration in Vijayawda India.  Thirty-one (31) children from the region are gathered together by  Father Bandi Shoury and given gifts to help them in their studies and homes. Various donors, including St. Barnabas Mission, contribute to the celebration.  Over the years this had made an important difference for these children who receive not only useful gifts but the ongoing attention of Fr. Bandi Shoury and his family.  This attention helps them through various challenges that they face as they grow up.

Fr. Bandi Shoury wrote this letter to Bishop Manseau Dec 27, 2014 including the names of t he children. ( The names have been omitted for privacy.)

27  Dec 2014
Bishop William J.Manseau,
Dear Bishop,trust and pray that you are doing well ; so also your dear wife Mary, your other family members and our SBM friends.
 I hope you had a very happy Christmas celebrations. Here we are all doing well. On 24th Dec ’14 we had a semi-Christmas celebrations with our St.Antony’s kids. We distributed to them new Christmas clothes and woollen blankets. They enjoyed eating cake pieces, snacks and had soft drinks. We made them also sign up on the Christmas leaf greetings .We all prayed for you and for all our kind sponsors of St. Antony’s children. I, my family and all our Orphanage wards whole heartedly thank you and all your friends and relatives that are helping us. I am daily praying for you all. I did pray for you all during the Christmas Midnight Mass and promise to pray for you all on New Year’15 midnight Mass and during this holy season of XMAS in a special way. Here below are the details of our hostel kids who got the new clothes and gifts.
§  1,2,3      Praying for you all and St.Antony’s kids benefactors.
§  4, 10      (all 10th Class students)
§  5, 11      (all of 9th Class)
§  6, 12      (8th Std)
§  7, 13     (6th), (all 5 th)
§  8, 14    (new 5th)
§  9,15      LKG),(1st) ,(2nd) a(2nd)
§  16         Group photo
§  17         Kids cut Christmas cakes.
§  18        Cake pieces and snacks going to be distributed to the kids.
§  19        Children sign up the Christmas leaf greetings.
Dear Bishop ,this time 31 children got the new Christmas clothes. In fact two more poor new children, without prior notice, were here from the same Dosapadu village.  Since they were not in the list and we bought only 29 kids clothes, we gave these new wards money to buy the new clothes. Coming June we will officially take them in our list and give them School Uniform Clothes. Only one boy was absent.
Once again thanking you with all my heart, wishing you a very happy New Year 2015, praying for you, ever yours sincerely and gratefully in the Child Jesus, Bandi Shoury.


Bishop Manseau Asks that Archbishop Milingo Be Recognized as an Apostle of Mercy and Reinstated.

Archbishop_Milingo_w_St_JohnPaulIIOn Divine Mercy Sunday, as Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II were canonized, Bishop Manseau calls our attention to another Apostle of Mercy.  Below is the last paragraph of his statement. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE STATEMENT.

The London Tablet reported on April 17, 2014 that Pope Francis had stated to an Austrian bishop serving in Brazil’s largest diocese that regional and national hierarchies should seek consensus on the priestly ordination of ‘viri probati’ (proven men) and present their petition to Rome and that three bishops in England and Wales have spoken out in support of that proposal. With this development it seems that the prophetic advocacy and supportive ministry of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo is bearing new fruit. The promise of the pontificates of Popes John XXIII, the pope of “a new Pentecost” and John Paul II,” the pope of the family” is being more realized in part as a result of the faith filled, charismatic, proleptic, and prophetic healing ministry of the good and holy man and priest, Emmanuel Milingo. It remains now for that to be recognized by the restoration to good standing of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and the recognition of his heroic service to God’s Church and its priests. In his prophetic marriage to Maria Sung he has modeled a respect for the equality and the conscience of one’s spouse by accepting that her faithful response to God in the Unification Church is hers alone as is his as a Roman Catholic. Together they model support for one’s spouse at great personal cost out of a spirit of compassionate love. There can be no greater foundation for the human family. That is one of their faith filled joint gifts to believers in the one God of us all. It is time to salute Emmanuel Milingo as an apostle of mercy, a true brother in the Lord.  (April 27, 2014 statement of Bishop William Manseau   CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE STATEMENT.)

Rev. Michael Aparo Installation February 26, 2014

Rev. Michael P. Aparo was installed as a presbyter of the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America in Connecticut (ECDA) on February 26, 2014,

The slideshow photos show:

1.The Welcoming;

2. Pastor Julie Reuning-Scherer proclaiming the Gospel;

3. Bishop William Manseau, the Ordinary of the Diocese,  was joined by Revs. John Wentland, Michael Aparo, Michael Donnelly and Pastor Julie Reunig-Scherer.

4. Rev. Michael Aparo receiving from his wife, Ann, the symbols of Bread and Wine with the words: “Michael, take this bread and wine, and be among us to break the Bread and bless the Cup.”

5. Front left to right:  Bishop William Manseau, Revs. Michael Aparo and Pastor Julie Julie Reunig-Scherer.  Back left to right; Revs. John Wentland, Henry Smolinski and Michael Donnelly.


Bishop Joseph Catrambone in Liberia Africa

Bishop Joseph Catrambone,  ordained for Saint Barnabas Mission / Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America in December 2013 recently returned from a trip to Liberia  Africa to extend his ministry for children in need.  Here are the first pictures.    He visited orphanages and also with the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.   More to come.withsisterandchild withchildren presidentofliberiaellenjohnsonsirleaf onbus

Report from International Federation for a Renewed Catholic Ministry

eport from the President

Executive Committee Meeting, by e-mail, December 2013


Winds of change?


(We note with sadness the recent death of Clelia Luro, the wife of Bishop Jeronimo Podesta and friend of our current pope.) 

When we met in Mahwah NJ at the end of May this year, we were rejoicing in the election of a new Bishop of Rome.   There were clear signs that the institution was going to be reformed and seven months later even the sceptical remain hopeful.


In the area of ministry, however, there is little sign of seismic change.   Indeed, Bergoglio has said that the question of ordaining women had been ‘resolved’ or ‘closed’ by his predecessors.   As to the ordination of married men or the relaxation of mandatory celibacy for the western rite secular clergy, we have no signs of imminent change as yet.   Perhaps an effective synod of bishops (replacing the farcical charade of recent decades) may actually lead to bishops’ conferences petitioning Rome to make their own arrangements for the ordination of married men.   But that remains to be seen.


In the area of lay ministry, we have at least seen Francis telling women religious that they need not get too upset when a rude letter comes from the Inquisition, but we are still awaiting a resolution of the discussions with the USA’s Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  As for the secular laity, we can expect that this will continue to be an area where ecclesiastical ministry quietly expands – chaplaincies, parish administration, baptisms, funerals, Eucharistic ministry etc.   Nothing about the new papacy suggests that IFRCM should shut up shop.


Amending the 1983 Code of Canon Law to enable laity to be made cardinals or allowing women to become clerics and thus admitting women to a place in Church governance has been mooted in the press but is surely not a way forward.


On a more personal note, I am gratified by the publication in the US by the St Barnabas Missions with co-sponsorship of FCM-RCFCC of a version of my table liturgies booklet.   This emphasises the influence in the great variety of early Christian ritual meals[1] the lay, Jewish, domestic table fellowship of of Jesus and his companions – non-paschal, but celebrating the breaking in of God’s Rule.   This is not to deny the rich tradition of the Pauline, Corinthian and Synoptic emphasis on the Passover Seder[2] leading to the clerical sacrifice of the Mass with one alter Christus and the rest of the baptised reduced to passive recipients or even mere spectators.    If such table celebrations become more widespread among the Catholic laity, preferably in my view as a prelude to a meal, then we shall have achieved something.


We must hope for a good attendance at our Tri-ennial Conference in London next October where our concerns can be discussed further and proposals made.   The membership of our UK member, Catholics for a Changing Church will be encouraged to attend.



[1]    Paul Bradshaw, Eucharistic Origins (London: SPCK Alcuin Club, 2004) and Geza Vermes, The Authentic Gospels of Jesys (NY, London etc: Penguin, 2003) pp 301-307

[2]    Brant Pitre, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist (NY: Doubleday, 2011)





A husband and wife were among  newly ordained Catholic bishops in Ardmore, PA, Saturday December 21, 2013.  This is  probably the first time in the history of Christianity, that a husband and wife were ordained bishops together and given a common mission.  Bishop William Manseau, D.Min., who leads the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America (ECDA) was the principal consecrator.  He said, “Today, the feast day of St. Thomas the Apostle (Dec. 21), is an appropriate day to initiate the missionary call of these 5 modern day apostles.  They are to be spirit filled leaders, building bridges of faith, hope and love in a divided and doubting world. “


Newly ordained Bishop Joseph Catrambone of Gaithersburg, MD leads initiatives to assist children in Central America and soon in Africa.  Newly ordained Bishop Bernard Callahan of Lansdowne, PA is on the executive board of the National Council of Churches. Newly Ordained Bishops Virginia and Robert Graf are Southern Regional Vice-Presidents of the 400 member Federation of Christian Ministries.   Father Michael Giansiracusa Rector of St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Ardmore where the ordination took place said, “Our community welcomes these fellow Christian Apostles to our worship center.   Interfaith hospitality and missionary outreach has been a part of our 125 year history since the beginning.”


Bishop Manseau quoted Roman Catholic canon law that the “salvation of souls” is the highest law (canon1752) as he addressed those to be ordained and their friends and supporters.  He said that the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America (ECDA)is praying for the Holy Spirit to convince the Roman Catholic Hierarchy  to meet the needs of God’s people for Married and Women leaders in the roles of deacons, priests and bishops.”


The ordaining bishops trace their apostolic succession back to the same apostolic roots as Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II, Pope Paul VI and so on. Pope Paul VI ordained the bishop who ordained Archbishop Brennan, bishop emeritus of the ECDA.  Archbishop Brennan ordained Bishop Manseau in 2011, and is also one of the co-consecrators of today’s service.   The other co-consecrator was Bishop Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger of Austria, who was the leader of the first Roman Catholic Women’s ordination in Europe in 2002.  She was ordained a bishop by an active Roman Catholic bishop whose identity is being kept secret while he still lives.


Bishop Manseau said “Today we write a new page in the history of Christianity.  By ordaining a husband and wife together, we are asking God’s Spirit to bless all married couples with their ministry.  The church has not adequately supported marriage and married spirituality.  This is a step forward.”  Robert and Virginia initiated a peer to peer couples group and house church with a mixture of married and single persons.  Bishop Manseau, the founder of Emmaus Institute counselling service in New Hampshire runs a program called “The Power of Two” for couples.  He continued saying that we also want to bring healing and spiritual regeneration to people hurting from broken marriages.


Robert and Virginia will share their Episcopal responsibility together for the Southern region of the ECDA.  Bishop Manseau said: “Their joint decision-making will model a new approach to Christian Unity.  No two people ever fully agree on everything, but when love is primary, differences become secondary.  Among Christians with differences, we need to emphasize love for one another, and find ways to let our differences enrich one another instead of dividing one another.”


The ECDA  has its roots in the Society of Priests for a Free Ministry which was founded by married Roman Catholic priests in 1968 in St. Louis, Missouri. The ECDA was established as a diocese in 1981 in New York and as a national diocese in 1984. The ECDA is part of St. Barnabas Mission, a 501c3 church organization founded in 1983 by Joseph Alphonsus Fradale and Peter Paul Brennan, (now Archbishop) as an ecumenical family of laity and clergy whose main purpose is “to radiate Christ to the world.”  It was intended by its founders to be an “outreach to the needy of the world.”  It was meant to be an “umbrella that provides spiritual strength for all concerned and provides a sense of cohesion to the many individual efforts.”

Bridge Building News from St. Barnabas Mission Member: Emmaus Institute

Emmaus Institute, Nashua New Hampshire


Bishop (Dr.) William Manseau’s Emmaus Institute has taken the lead in sponsoring a Vesper Service with the Nashua Area Interfaith Council during the week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Greater Nashua, NH.    It will be held at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Nashua New Hampshire.

The Lutheran Church has achieved a number of agreed statements in the recent past, for example, with the Catholic Church, with the United Church of Christ, with the Episcopal Church, and with the Methodist Church.  These statements will be highlighted as part of the prayer service.  A principal resource for the service will be Cardinal Walter Kasper’s book Harvesting the Fruits: Basic Aspects of Christian Faith in Ecumenical Dialogue.

For over a decade, the Emmaus Institute has been promoting the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in the Greater Nashua area. They have obtained a supply of catalogues from the Graymoor Ecumenical and Interreligious Institute ( and provided these materials to the members of the Nashua Area Interfaith Council at their annual meeting.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is celebrated each year from January 18 to January 25.