Bishop Manseau Urges New Ecumenical Energy

Dr Manseau

On January 25, 2015 Bishop William Manseau urged participants of the week of prayer for Christian Unity in Nashua, New Hampshire to study the 2013  Faith and Order Commission (World Council of Churches) document The Church Towards A Common Vision (Click here to download the document)  He explained its origin and urged a joint study as the source of new ecumenical enegy.

Speaking at Christ the King Lutheran Church, he said: “I would like to propose that the varied Non-denominational Christian, independent Protestant, Evangelical, Salvation Army, Christian Science, Latter Day Saints, Baptist, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Methodist, Anglican, Lutheran, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christian churches of Greater Nashua enter upon a joint study of “The Church, Towards a Common Vision” in a disciplined way and offer the fruit of such study to the New Hampshire Council of Churches which includes the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester. We are after all the Gate City of New Hampshire, why not be the gate through which a new ecumenical energy can flow through New Hampshire and beyond.”

.Click here to get a copy of the entire talk.


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