Bishop Manseau Asks that Archbishop Milingo Be Recognized as an Apostle of Mercy and Reinstated.

Archbishop_Milingo_w_St_JohnPaulIIOn Divine Mercy Sunday, as Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II were canonized, Bishop Manseau calls our attention to another Apostle of Mercy.  Below is the last paragraph of his statement. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE STATEMENT.

The London Tablet reported on April 17, 2014 that Pope Francis had stated to an Austrian bishop serving in Brazil’s largest diocese that regional and national hierarchies should seek consensus on the priestly ordination of ‘viri probati’ (proven men) and present their petition to Rome and that three bishops in England and Wales have spoken out in support of that proposal. With this development it seems that the prophetic advocacy and supportive ministry of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo is bearing new fruit. The promise of the pontificates of Popes John XXIII, the pope of “a new Pentecost” and John Paul II,” the pope of the family” is being more realized in part as a result of the faith filled, charismatic, proleptic, and prophetic healing ministry of the good and holy man and priest, Emmanuel Milingo. It remains now for that to be recognized by the restoration to good standing of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and the recognition of his heroic service to God’s Church and its priests. In his prophetic marriage to Maria Sung he has modeled a respect for the equality and the conscience of one’s spouse by accepting that her faithful response to God in the Unification Church is hers alone as is his as a Roman Catholic. Together they model support for one’s spouse at great personal cost out of a spirit of compassionate love. There can be no greater foundation for the human family. That is one of their faith filled joint gifts to believers in the one God of us all. It is time to salute Emmanuel Milingo as an apostle of mercy, a true brother in the Lord.  (April 27, 2014 statement of Bishop William Manseau   CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE STATEMENT.)

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