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The FCM/RCFCC (Federation of Christian Ministries/Roman Catholic  Faith Community Council) award to Peter Paul Brennan reads: Making the Difference Awarded to Peter Paul Brennan In recognition of the outstanding early work and service in the Roman Catholic Renewal Movement and founding leadership of the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America and the Saint Barnabas Mission. Given this July 13, 2013, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Roman Catholic Faith Community Council of The Federation of Christian Ministries.   Bishop Peter Paul Brennan in West Hemstead NY has been a life long leader in Ecumenical study, dialogue and action.

Links to pray and study about the union and reunion of the followers of Jesus Christ


John 17:20-21 ( I pray that they may be that the world will know…)


Galatians 3:27-28 –(All of you who were baptized into Christ…are one)


Creeds of the Catholic Church


Pentarchy – 5 Patriarchs


Patriarchates from Catholic Endyclopedia 1911


First Seven Ecumenical Councils,_Schaff._Philip,_3_Vol_14_The_Seven_Ecumenical_Councils,_EN.pdf


Augsburg Confession 1530


39 articles of faith of Anglican Church (1801)


Bonn Conferences 1874;view=1up;seq=5


Declaration of Utrecht (1889)


Bonn Conference 1931 Old Catholics and Orthodox


Vatican II  On Ecumenism (Unitatis Redintegratio) 1964


Anglican/Roman Catholic Joint Preparatory Commission–Agreed Statement on Eucharistic Doctrine, Windsor 1981


Baptism Eucharist and Ministry–Lima Text 1982


Encyclical of Pope JohnPaul II  Ut Unum Sint (1995)


From Conflict to Communion: Lutheran Catholic Common Commemoration of the Reformation in 2017 (Lutheran World Federation  and Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity 2013)


2013 Faith and Order Commission (World Council of Churches) The Church: Toward a Common Vision



Archbishop Manseau address to Nashua Area Interfaith Council (NAIC) Jan 25, 2015

NAIC_2015_ Dr_William_Manseau 

Overview Resources


Interconfessional Dialogues (links):


Centro Pro Unione  Library


Anglican Roman Catholic Dialogues


Homepage of Union of Utrecht and the Old Catholic Chrurches


Orthodox Old Catholic Dialogue phases