Jubilee House Church

We meet monthly as a house church, usually on Saturday for a half-day retreat. Call 304-728-2829 for information about location, date and time.


Above is a 2013 visit with Bishop Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger from Austria to our house church meeting.


The  Topic for March 2014 is FAMILY.  See the links below (in blue).

Here is a link to our preparation reflection pages for the March gathering- SBM-Meeting-on-family.pdf

Pope Francis had a questionaire about family and church teaching prepared for the Synod upcoming in October 2014.

Here is the compiled response from 16,500 people out of approximately 85,000 surveys distributed by COR (Catholic Organizations for Renewal), of which St. Barnabas Mission participates through the Federation of Christian Ministries.

Here is a beautiful response by a Spanish Theologian-JoseArregiresponsetoVaticanQuestionnaire

The German Bishops have published the response they received from the people of Germany.

Here is the response  from the Catholics of St. Petersburg FL as summarized by the bishop.  Here is the whole report.