Leadership Council Statement about Saint Barnabas Mission

The St. Barnabas Mission
World Wide Outreach and Care
An Ecumenical, Apostolic Initiative, Bridge Building and Mediation Ministry
September 28, 2013 

 The St. Barnabas Mission was established on June 8, 1984 by Joseph Alphonsus Fradale and Peter Paul Brennan and other colleagues as an ecumenical family of laity and clergy whose main purpose is “to radiate Christ to the world” (Canonical Establishment Document). It was intended by its founders to be “an outreach to the needy of the world.” It was meant to be “an umbrella, under/within which various services/ministries are coordinated. An umbrella that provides spiritual strength for all concerned and provides a sense of cohesion to the many individual efforts…Whenever prayer or religious rite become part of the Mission’s function they are strictly ecumenical in nature.” (SBM Minutes January 25, 1986).

With this mandate in mind the Leadership Council of the St. Barnabas Mission agreed on September 28, 2013 that the SBM would serve as the hub of a variety of particular ministries responsive to the current needs of the Church and the World engaged in by its members according to their own vocations and charisms with each of these ministries being as spokes of a wheel with SBM at its center. This will be facilitated by discernment as each member determines with the help of others a path of service as they experience unity in diversity.

Currently recognized spokes include the House Churches Initiative, the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of America; the St. Thomas Fund for Eastern Christians and Palestinians; The Vicariate of the Good Shepherd for Eastern and Western Christians; the International Society of the Apostles Sts. Peter, Thomas and Mary Magdalene; The African Orthodox Church Initiative; and the Emmaus Institute, Inc. Such recognized ministries may be of variable duration depending upon the needs and circumstances of any given time.

+William J. Manseau, SBM, D.Min.



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