House Churches

What Are House Churches?

House Churches, the building blocks of early Christianity, are serving people again today. In the past, wealthy citizens opened their homes to newly converted Jews and Gentiles as places of prayer, conversation, outreach, and sharing a eucharistic meal.  Today, House Churches serve the same spiritual purpose.  Leaders of House Churches were both male and female, often husbands and wives.  Some of these leaders named in the Christian Testament included: Husbands and wives, Junia and Andronicus, Priscilla and Aquila; women leaders like Phoebe and Lydia or men like Gaius, Philemon, and Nympha. Currently, leaders of House Churches come from all walks of life. House Churches are opportunities for spiritual growth within a community setting.  Hospitality, making everyone feel welcome, is the heart of ministry.  For some the gatherings serve as days of retreat and personal renewal.