St. Anthony’s Kids -Vijayawda India Christmas Celebration


December 24, 2014 St. Anthony’s Kids had their semi-annual celebration in Vijayawda India.  Thirty-one (31) children from the region are gathered together by  Father Bandi Shoury and given gifts to help them in their studies and homes. Various donors, including St. Barnabas Mission, contribute to the celebration.  Over the years this had made an important difference for these children who receive not only useful gifts but the ongoing attention of Fr. Bandi Shoury and his family.  This attention helps them through various challenges that they face as they grow up.

Fr. Bandi Shoury wrote this letter to Bishop Manseau Dec 27, 2014 including the names of t he children. ( The names have been omitted for privacy.)

27  Dec 2014
Bishop William J.Manseau,
Dear Bishop,trust and pray that you are doing well ; so also your dear wife Mary, your other family members and our SBM friends.
 I hope you had a very happy Christmas celebrations. Here we are all doing well. On 24th Dec ’14 we had a semi-Christmas celebrations with our St.Antony’s kids. We distributed to them new Christmas clothes and woollen blankets. They enjoyed eating cake pieces, snacks and had soft drinks. We made them also sign up on the Christmas leaf greetings .We all prayed for you and for all our kind sponsors of St. Antony’s children. I, my family and all our Orphanage wards whole heartedly thank you and all your friends and relatives that are helping us. I am daily praying for you all. I did pray for you all during the Christmas Midnight Mass and promise to pray for you all on New Year’15 midnight Mass and during this holy season of XMAS in a special way. Here below are the details of our hostel kids who got the new clothes and gifts.
§  1,2,3      Praying for you all and St.Antony’s kids benefactors.
§  4, 10      (all 10th Class students)
§  5, 11      (all of 9th Class)
§  6, 12      (8th Std)
§  7, 13     (6th), (all 5 th)
§  8, 14    (new 5th)
§  9,15      LKG),(1st) ,(2nd) a(2nd)
§  16         Group photo
§  17         Kids cut Christmas cakes.
§  18        Cake pieces and snacks going to be distributed to the kids.
§  19        Children sign up the Christmas leaf greetings.
Dear Bishop ,this time 31 children got the new Christmas clothes. In fact two more poor new children, without prior notice, were here from the same Dosapadu village.  Since they were not in the list and we bought only 29 kids clothes, we gave these new wards money to buy the new clothes. Coming June we will officially take them in our list and give them School Uniform Clothes. Only one boy was absent.
Once again thanking you with all my heart, wishing you a very happy New Year 2015, praying for you, ever yours sincerely and gratefully in the Child Jesus, Bandi Shoury.


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